Intentional Deep Experiences Across Lifecycles

When schools were closed, I asked to contact her family, so we could continue to talk and maintain our new friendship and also because I wanted to wish her a happy birthday.  We have been able to speak  by phone, Mom sent me pictures of her building with Lego’s which she loves. I sent her coloring book pages by mail, because she loves to color. I was able to drive by her home before Passover, to drop off a box of goodies, including a children’s bag of Plagues for her Seder.  And we got to visit on her front porch following social distancing rules.  We still talk by phone and we are planning a play date when social distancing is a thing of the past.”

Tobe, grandfriend Program participant
Testimonials of Deepening Relationships During COVID-19

“I was very delighted to participate in the Grandfriends Program, especially after meeting Rachel.  Rachel is so sweet and friendly. Our first meeting was so delightful as she is very smart and her vocabulary very sophisticated for a 4-year-old. At the end of our first meeting, she invited me to a sleep over at her house. She melts my heart by greeting me with a big hug every time and when she leaves at the end of our time together….She had invited me on several meetings to her birthday party which unfortunately happened during our stay at home time due to COVID-19.”

Testimonials of Deepening Relationships During COVID-19

“I love the Grandfriend’s Program and we’ve stayed in close touch with Toby (our grandfriend)  since quarantine.  We’ve FaceTimed, spoken on the phone and even received a “socially distant” visit from Toby for Rachel’s birthday! Toby came by the house with some presents for Rachel and we chatted (far away). It was great for them to see each other, as Rachel misses the program. Rachel also took a picture of her and Toby and added it to our “family photo” table.  We’ve made Toby part of our “extended family” at this point and would like the program to continue for other children to enjoy for years to come.”

Melissa, mother of a child Program Participant
Testimonials of Deepening Relationships During COVID-19