Intentional Deep Experiences Across Lifecycles


Sample Grandfriend Onboarding Meeting Structure*

*Please use our sample to inspire your work in a way that fits the needs of your particular community.

Knisah: Entry

Take a name tag, food, drink and find a comfortable place to sit. 

Bruchim Habaim: Welcome and Introductions

Who will attend in addition to grandfriends and point person for program? Director? Clergy? Teachers? Family representatives?

You may choose to have grandfriends introduce themselves by sharing about themselves, why they have chosen to be a grandfriend, and a memory from childhood.

Hashkafah: Educational Outlook and History of the School

Mention philosophy of the school, and how it might play out in ways that grandfriends will notice in the classroom or impact their role. 

Brit: Agreements and Expectations: What does it mean to be a Grandfriend? 

You can use the Grandfriend Handbook as a guide. 

Pratim: Housekeeping Details 

E.g. Health Department Paperwork 

Shailot: Questions 

Any questions the Grandfriends may have, or clarifications. 

Arrange Time for Subsequent Group Meeting 

Siur: Tour of the School


Take the grandfriends as if they were new parents as you share about the school. Ask them how it might be the same or different than what they experienced both themselves or as parents (if they have children).