Intentional Deep Experiences Across Lifecycles

Sample Letter to Families

Dear Families,

We are excited to be launching our new Grandfriends Program.

This program brings volunteer Grandfriends (people who may or may not be grandparents)  into the preschool classrooms on a regular weekly basis to provide the children with another layer of adult interaction. Interaction between the generations helps the children thrive in an environment enriched by the presence of committed volunteers willing to share their life experiences and undivided attention. These programs help children develop perspective taking and empathy. 

Our goals for the program include:

  • Enriching the experience of our children, elders, and families by involving people of different ages who have lived through different historical experiences.
  • Reaching out beyond our immediate school families in order to strengthen our community.
  • Creating and providing meaningful opportunities for retired men and women in our community.
  • Connecting families beyond the walls of the school.
  • Defeating ageism.
  • You will find out more information about the grandfriend adopting and being adopted by your child’s classroom. You can begin the process of forming the relationship by having conversations (that we will reinforce at school) with your child such as what it means to welcome someone.  

We are looking forward to hearing what your child tells you about their time with their grandfriend! 


ECC Director/ point person for program