Intentional Deep Experiences Across Lifecycles

BRIT (agreement) for engaging with IDEAL18 as the Pilot/Research Center.

We are thrilled to offer CJE SeniorLife, at the Wienberg Community Center (CJE), and Moriah Early Childhood Center (Moriah) the possibility of becoming one of the first pilot programs as co-researchers with IDEAL18 in this exciting journey. We will share the knowledge with the field of both Jewish ECE and the elder communities. We will embark on this intergenerational experience together, utilizing the Jewish big idea of creating Kehillah (community) in the broadest sense of the word. In order to create shared expectations for this experience, we will utilize the following Brit (agreement). This tool will ensure that our sailing together will be smooth.

You have been chosen by IDEAL18 because you are identified as a center of excellence and have a deep understanding of what a relational environment looks like. Your leadership provides the context to continue to take the school forward, and learn together.


  • Each pilot/research school and elder center (“Participants”) will participate in 3-4 coaching visits with IDEAL18 Director.
    • Coaching visits require availability of staff, including:
      • A point person for each site will be identified (this person must be available when coach is present and additionally ready to meet via Zoom (or the like) for an hour to plan visits)
      • There will be an on-site “debriefing” reflective meeting at the end of each visit with Director and the team that is involved directly in the project
      • 2 All-Staff Meeting
      • An intergenerational experience needs to be planned for each coach visit. Coach will help document
    • Coaching Visits will include dialogue on topics such as:
      • Jewish Big Ideas/ Jewish Lenses/ Seamless Judaism
      • Culture
      • Life Cycles, Including: Development, Illness and Death
      • Difficult Conversations
      • Research , Documentation
      • The Hundred Languages: Languages of Expression
      • Environments
  • Participants will participate in modeling with our Creative Director, to develop approaches to materials, loose parts and environments in relation to IDEAL18. These sessions will include set up for coaching with the ID, and may include additional hands-on coaching regarding use of materials and facilitation of experiences.
    • Details of creative coaching visits to be agreed upon with each site.
    • Each site will provide a person to assist with materials set up and take down.
    • Early Childhood Centers to partner with Creative Director on choice and gathering of materials for an intergenerational experience. The center will provide the majority of the materials.  
    • Coaching Visits will include dialogue on topics such as:
      • The Hundred Languages: Languages of Expression/materials
      • Environments
  • Each School Site will choose a consistent group of children and educators to visit elder center, and each elder center will choose a consistent group of elder and caretakers to participate with the children.
    • Visits between these children and Grandfriends will take place twice per month (minimum).
  • Each partnership will provide an aesthetically pleasing environment with tables, chairs, natural light, and sufficient space.
  • In order to avoid the spread of illness between two high susceptibility groups, participants will be deemed healthy to participate before each encounter. Health standards are governed by state licencing agency (what is required to participate in school setting).  
  • The child and elder centers will provide staff (one person from each setting) to assist with set up for each encounter. These will be intentionally set according to planning.
  • The early childhood centers will be responsible for documenting engagement on a regular basis, and sharing their documentation with the Grandfriend center and IDEAL18 on a timely basis (specifics to be determined with each site).
    • Each center will be able to share their experiences on a blog on IDEAL18’s website.
  • Participants will be responsible for having signed media release forms, permission slips and field trip forms for participation related to this program from all participants.
  • Participants will be responsible for checking with state licencing agency regarding paperwork for volunteers and visitors that come on a regular basis. Medical forms and background checks are usually required.
  • We are all excited to be part of new research that has the potential to change the fabric of Jewish life. We will be sharing this important work with others in the field. Thus, all documentation will be the joint property of the Participants and IDEAL18.



Schools and Elderly Centers agree to take full responsibility for the program. In no event shall IDEAL18, or any of its employees or assigns be liable for indirect, special or consequential damage suffered by Participants in connection, directly or indirectly, with the action or inaction of IDEAL18 or it’s programming under or in relation to this Agreement. IDEAL18 is offering coaching, and at no time should the coaching be taken as legal advice.  


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