Intentional Deep Experiences Across Lifecycles

Subject of e-mail: Baruch Dayan Emet

Dear Parents,

It is with much sadness that we relay the passing of one of our dear grandfriends, _________. She/He was an integral part of the “x” classroom, as she/he came to volunteer every Thursday. She/He is described by the teachers as _______________. We will be honoring her memory in the classroom by _______________.

The teachers in the classroom have participated in Lifecycle Training, and are prepared to answer the children’s questions in a developmentally appropriate manner. We answer no more or less than what the children ask about, we use real, authentic terms. 

This life cycle event will no doubt stir up questions in some children, while others may not make their wonderings explicit. Some children may want to process this event with you at home. For answers to frequently asked questions children ask about death and dying, please visit

Also know that our door is open. Both administrators, and our staff social worker are available as a support for the entire family. 

Shiva details for those who wish to give their condolences to the family will be forthcoming. If anyone would like to make a donation in her/his honor, the family has named the ___________ fund as an organization that was dear to our grandfriend’s heart. 

May her memory be for a blessing, which it already is in so many ways at school!

We will miss _______’s kindness, patience and love for others. (Personalize a few sentences about his/her essence as a grandfriend in the classroom)